Online Streaming Services That Will Compete With Netflix

Online streaming services have taken over the world in recent years. Since it entered the sector in 2013, Netflix has been at the top of the market. While it is still the service with the highest revenue and users, other brands are growing steadily. The question is: Should Netflix be worried? Here are their main competitors in 2019:

Amazon Prime Video
Without a doubt, Amazon is the main competitor facing Netflix. In recent years, Amazon grew to be one of the biggest companies in the world. They are directly competing with Apple and Google. Their video-on-demand service was here long before Netflix joined the sector, but was not able to carve out a large market share. Now, they are continuously increasing their services.

Founded in 2005, YouTube has been a part of the Google family since 2006. For years now, it has been the second most visited website other than Google itself. In the beginning, it was simply a video-sharing website for users. Now, they are stepping into the sector. They created their own video-on-demand service called YouTube TV. The thing that is possibly holding them back is the high price for the service. While Amazon and Netflix are available for under $10, YouTube TV costs $40 per month.

Disney Plus
Although it is not yet active, the new Disney streaming service will be launched by the end of 2019. Even now, it is considered as maybe the biggest future competitor to Netflix, even surpassing Amazon. Disney is ending their contracts with Netflix, pulling all their content from the service. Disney Plus will be the only place that you can find all future movies and shows made by Disney. Furthermore, they plan to add all motion pictures in the near future.

Hulu is another subscription website that is partially owned by Disney. The catch here is that Disney will stream their child-friendly content on Disney Plus while the edgier productions aimed for adults will be streamed on Hulu. This means that if you want to watch everything, you need to subscribe to both services. However, on Hulu, you can browse and watch for free but your access is limited. You can watch certain shows and movies that are opened for free use.

Final thoughts

There are a lot more competitors, of course, but these are the most serious ones. While Amazon is currently the biggest threat, Disney Plus will soon be launched. We will see how their service performs on the market, given that their subscription fees are expected to be cheaper than the Netflix services. With all this said, Netflix will most likely not fall from the top and it is too early to be overly worried. However, they should consider making some innovations and improvements in the near future.