What are the best websites to watch older Tv shows?

The internet is evolving at a fast pace. Nowadays, you do not need a television set to watch TV. You have everything available online. However, legal video streaming websites usually require a subscription fee. There are countless free ones, of course, but they are not verified and safe.

The majority of modern websites aim towards the new generation of movies and TV shows. It is quite rare to find a catalog rich in older motion pictures. We have to agree that old shows are different. Yes, the video quality is worst. Overall, they are also a lot simpler, but after so many years are still relevant. It simply feels like the majority of shows were more meaningful.

Here is a list of the best websites to watch older TV shows. What’s more, all are legal and entirely free.

If you are looking for the old time classics of the 20th century, RerunCentury is the website for you. The whole catalog is available to watch or download for free. The best part, all content has been scanned and is free of viruses.

The website comprises over 200 shows from the 1950s through the end of the century.  You can search either chronologically, by genre, or by name. Make sure you take a look, there are some treasures available only here.

Old TV Time
Old TV Time is not exactly a website you can directly watch from. It is simply an exhaustive catalog of the majority of classic movies and TV shows. What it does from there is to redirect you to full-episode/movie videos on YouTube. It is not exactly the most convenient option, but it gives you an enormous catalog to choose from. Lastly, since it redirects you to YouTube, it is completely legal and free.


You will hardly find a more complete catalog of retro TV shows online. What’s more, they offer an amazing collection of old movies and cartoons as well. The interface is very user-friendly with perfectly outlined categories. Everything comes free of charge and without any sign-up requirements.

Finally, Retrovision has have even created their own free app. There, you can watch everything from the online catalog on your phone. Sadly, it is available only to Android users.

Final thoughts
While it usually seems like the online network is completely safe, that is not the case with video streaming. The majority of free websites are illegal and could cause you serious trouble. They could open your computer to hackers, your personal data can be stolen, and finally, you can get sued. This is why we have given you the three best legal websites for classic shows.