Why You Should Not Be Using IPTV?

Online video streaming services have surpassed all traditional ways of watching movies and shows. Without generalizing, people nowadays lean towards streaming rather than watching their shows on TV. If once it was obligatory that you be stationed in front of the TV in order to not miss an episode, nowadays you can watch anything whenever you want.

IPTV is exactly this. Instead of the traditional signal receivers like antennas and cables, you receive everything through your internet connection. It literally means “Internet Protocol Television”. It is available in three variations.

The first type of IPTV is one that you are most likely already using. It is called Video on Demand(VOD). Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime Video are examples of this service. The second IPTV format is Time-shifted media. Nowadays, this service is almost always available from TV providers. It allows you to watch a show/movie that you have missed whenever you want. All you have to do is hit the restart button.

The third format is IPTV Live. This is the same as old-school television. You can watch anything that is live on the spot. Most commonly, viewers use this format for sports events.

A rising question is about the dangers of IPTV. People are getting more and more concerned about their data safety. What are the reasons that you should not use IPTV? The issue here is that there are countless free IPTV service options which are dangerous. Our suggestion here is that you spare those few dollars and pay for a quality service. Companies like Netflix and Hulu will protect your data. In theory, it will not leak. Below we will discuss why you should not use IPTV providers that are free.

Data security

As we said above, paid services have the mission to protect your data. Even if you use a safe VPN network on a free website, your data is still being collected. Those free websites need to profit from somewhere. What they do is sell your data to third parties and from there you receive the countless ads online.

Hackers can see your IP address

Even if you use a VPN, the process of searching and watching has to begin somewhere. This means that somewhere your IP is visible on the server logs.

It is illegal

Using free IPTV and VPN services opens you to hackers. Additionally, the authorities can track your data as well. Only paid IPTV services are considered legal. This means that, in some rare situations, you can be sued. It has happened before and it will happen again.

Final thoughts
IPTV Streaming services do not have to be bad. Only the ones that are free can eventually cause you trouble. There are websites that are certified and are legal but the only way to be completely sure is to pay for your services. To be fair, there are countless of options nowadays and most are really affordable. In the end, these services are the future.